Pop Songs

Gone With The Wind (2020 Version):
(written by Mike Croft & Danielle Sullivan)….vocal Danielle Sullivan

NEWS: Gone with the Wind - Officially Released

Tell Me It’s Over:
(written by Mike Croft) vocal Ashleigh Wood…. video by Steve Southern

Diamond Sky:
(written by Kevin Malpass) vocal Ashleigh Wood….video by Steve Southern

The Finishing Line:
(written by Mike croft & Neil Gowland) vocal Tommy Blaize

Waiting For You:
(written by Mike Croft & Steve Southern) vocal Jo Birchall….video by Steve Southern

Perfect Love:
(written by Mike Croft& Kevin Malpass)….vocal Ashleigh Wood

Lovin’ You:
(written by Mike Croft) ….vocal Yva

Remember Me:
(written by Mike Croft)…..vocal Danielle Sullivan

Lovin’ You (Ricky Mazamouro mix):
(written by Mike Croft) …vocal Annalisa

Lonely Girl:
(written by Mike Croft)…..vocal Jo Birchall


Jo Birchall, Danielle Sullivan & Ashleigh Wood

Jo Birchall, Danielle Sullivan & Ashleigh Wood

Covers & Co-writing

Most of the songs are available for cover should you feel there is a track that might be the one for you.

If you don’t find anything suitable why not contact Mike who would be happy to write …co-write something with you…offer support and encouragement in creating effective lyrics and memorable melodies for your songs.

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