Let’ Pretend….bring songs to life

This CD is a collection of original songs written to stimulate creative role play, discussion, thinking and performance. Here are a few suggestions for each song to help involve the children in the ‘pretend’ aspect of the activity.

Listen together to a chosen track and talk about the fun things happening in the song. Play the song again this time encouraging action. The children can pretend to be a funny clown or a farmer feeding the chickens…following the suggestions made within the lyrics.

In a Circus

Walk a silly walk with the clown… don’t forget you are wearing enormous shoes! When the words tell you look very tired, flop to the ground like a funny clown. Walk along a tightrope with your arms spread out to the side, gripping with your toes, wobbling and swaying to and fro. Join in the grand parade, march along waving to the crowd then take your bow to finish the performance.

On the Farm

Clip clop around the farmyard like a horse and when it’s time to feed the ducks walk amongst them spreading the corn. At milking time kneel down and fill your bucket with milk from the cow. Pretend to push your wheelbarrow around the yard. Don’t forget... it’s heavy when it’s full. At the end of the day when all the work is done we all lie down and go to sleep.

Building Houses

Encourage the children to pick up an imaginary brick and spread mortar on it like spreading butter on bread. As the lyric suggests lay bricks in a row to build a wall for the house. Practice sawing actions, saw the timber, lift up the wood and hammer in some nails to build a roof to shelter from the rain.

Seashore Life

This song invites the children to move like sea life creatures….flop along the floor like a flat fish, leap into the air and chatter like a dolphin, scuttle along and nip their claws like a giant crab or squeeze into an imaginary hole like a big octopus. Finish by wiggling like eels and wobbling like jellyfish.

People who help us

Be a lollipop person standing at the kerb to halt the traffic… or a driver who stops as the lollipop is held high. The children could be a doctor treating a teddy bear who feels poorly. A line up of toys could make a pretend hospital ward.

A Keeper in a Zoo

It’s time to become a zoo keeper...the best job ever!  First it’s time to feed the noisy seals. The next job is hosing down the huge elephant, scrubbing his giant feet, washing his face, brushing the mud off his huge body… being careful to dodge that swinging trunk.

My Marvellous Machine

This song is all about the body and the amazing things that it can do. Follow the actions suggested in the lyric. Whistle like the wind, clap your hands, stamp your feet, …follow all the movement suggested by the lyrics.

Walking in the Rain

It’s time to put up those imaginary umbrellas, pull on your wellies and jump in all the puddles as you walk in the rain. Everything changes when the sun appears in the sky. Pretend to smear on lots of sun cream, put on a big sun hat to play follow the leader.

Jack in a Box

Begin with children pretending to climb into a big box and closing the lid…very quietly. Hide your eyes waiting for the big surprise…then BOUNCE! Jump high and surprise everybody around you. Wind up the box…wait for it….BOING! out pops Jack.

Toy Soldiers

Everyone get ready to march. Pretend to blow your bugle as the soldiers line up. Stand up straight, march in time, swinging arms. The children will become expert soldiers in no time. Listen for the commands……Company halt! Quick march! Practising the moves to the commands without the music will help to improve the soldiers’ action together.

Train Ride

We’re going on a train ride! Climb on board and wave to the people out of the window. Some of the group could become the train using their arms to pick up the rhythm of the train chugging along the track.

Riding on a Bus

This song allows children, and adults present, to become passengers on a crowded bus taking a fun, eventful journey in the morning rush. Hold on tight! The bus will start and stop, sway round corners. Be sure to move with it together. When it’s time to leave the bus someone will need to ring the bell so everyone can get off .Listen carefully to the song. The lyric will help you on your way.