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Gone with the Wind - Official Release

Gone with the Wind... Danielle Sullivan - Official ReleaseDuring a meeting earlier this year, Mike and Danielle were reflecting back to a successful night on stage in Hastings many years ago. Danielle recalled how nervous she was about hitting the very high notes in the final phrase of the song Gone with the Wind. Out came the music and, to their delight, Dan’s voice soared effortlessly to finish the ballad as it did all those years ago.

A decision was made to re-record Gone with the Wind. The result….a stunning new version of the Song, produced by Ben Haynes, which is due for release on Spotify and all other digital outlets on October 16th 2020.

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Lizzie Miller

Lizzie Miller

Mike is now very excited to be working in the studio with 17 year old Lizzie Miller.

Lizzie, a Barnsley girl, has held a passion for jazz since her early years. Her lovely voice contains a tone reminiscent of the great Ella Fitzgerald.

Mike and Lizzie are working to capture this whilst writing and recording original jazz songs.

Lizzie is appearing as a guest vocalist with the JPS band at the Norfolk Arms, Sheffield, on a Monday evening. Watch this space!

Covers & Co-writing

Most of the songs are available for cover should you feel there is a track that might be the one for you.

If you don’t find anything suitable why not contact Mike who would be happy to write …co-write something with you…offer support and encouragement in creating effective lyrics and memorable melodies for your songs.

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